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Category publication and none of fanzine, fanthology, apazine, clubzine, newszine, apa, newsletter, prozine, semiprozine, book, bibliography, fanhistory.

Category publishing and convention or publishing

Category artist but not fan, pro or mundane Greg Bridges - Selina Phanara

Category condex and not convention

Category (eastercon|canvention|eurocon) and not (US|UK|Europe|Canada|Asia|Australia|Ireland|NZ)

Category convention and bid Huttcon '90 - Nippon 2007

Category convention and club Con-Fusion

Category fanzine and club ESSFSCCNY - Fanac - Fandom Unlimited - Fans Across the World - Fanvets - Operation Fantast

Category worldcon, westercon but not condex or bid or bidding or fanhistory Worldcons by Area

Category eastercon,canvention, eurocon but not condex Cardiff in 2016